Start on an obvious flake , climb up the pockets and over a bulge to reach the anchors.   2 bolts  FA Jerry Barnett

8. Lipid Lover  5.8

Small holds lead to large jugs and pockets up top for an overhanging finish. 4 bolts                    FA  Jerry Barnett

7. Satellite  5.10

Climb through small ledges , cracks and pockets to gain access to the top . no anchors  FA Zen Boulden

6. Cellulite  5.7  natural route

Believe you can and your halfway there.  Theodore Roosevelt

Put your heart, mind, soul into the smallest acts. This is the secret of success.  Swami  Sivananda

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says " I'm possible"  Audrey Hepburn

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.  Vince Lombardi

Climb up to a horizontal crack then bump left to some tendon tweaking holds , follow line of bolts to large and much friendlier climbing. 4 bolts  FA  Eric Casazza    Variation : climb to horizontal crack and head right , missing the crux and saving your tendons,  5.10b                  FA  Jerry Barnett  

5. Blue Skies Luke  5.11d

Space Cadet Area

Thin holds lead to jugs and side pulls on an overhanging section.  3 bolts                                FA  Jerry Barnett

4.  ​Flash Gordon  5.10

Start in the corner in the right side of the cave, undercling the crack working your way up and out left to the slab behind you , finishing at the chains. 5.7 FA Roger Mckinney

3. Buck Rogers  5.7   natural route

Tricky slopey holds lead to nice slab climbing. 2 bolts         FA Jerry and Amanda Barnett  

2. Space Cadets  5.6

Start with a few small pockets bump to a few slopers that lead to easy slab climbing.  3 bolts      

1. Major Tom 5.10 

North Fern

Hit List.:  Cosmic Cowboy 5.11

                 Satellite            5.10

                 Bi bye barbie    5.11b

                 Burly Girl        5.10d

This area of  fern is north  ( upstream ) of the main climbing area , about a five minute walk on a trail that follows along the bottom of the cliff line. From parking area walk west about 30 seconds, to PK boulder, walk  to the base of PK boulder then head north  for about five minutes till you come to a large roof, about 20 feet long and about 15+ feet off the ground, these are routes 12 - 15 

North Fern

​East facing

This climb is around the corner, south of Burly Girl about 40 yards.

​North facing

Climb an arete through sidepulls while pulling through a roof then  advance through a second much larger one to easy climbing above. Should be bolted by spring 2015​

Be faithful to that which exists within yourself . Andre Gide

Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish.  Michelangelo

​The best way out is always through.  Robert Frost  

If we did all the things we are capable of , we would literally astound ourselves.  Thomas Edison.

Start under a small roof pulling through to some small and non positive climbing to a pocket and shoot for the anchors. 3 bolts            FA  Jerry Barnett                                                Try staying off the arete and follow line of bolts. 

This area is located across the stream from Dark Matter Wall and about 50 yards down , look for a cave area.

​Barbie Wall

Climb up crimps that lead to a balancey crux move to a pocket. 4 bolts  FA  Jerry Barnett     Stay on face and avoid going right to small arete. 

13. Orion  5.11d​

11. ​​Cosmic Cowboy  5.11

Satellite Wall

9. ​Over Easy  5.6

Worm Hole


​Northwest facing

South facing

The power of imagination makes us infinite.  John Muir

Nice splitter crack , nothing else needs to be said .  FA  Roger Mckinney  Jerry Barnett

​Climb on small holds that lead to a blind hold finish at same anchors as String Theory.           2 bolts  FA Jerry Barnett

14. String Theory  5.10

10. ​Weeping Rodeo Clown  5.11b

Find a place inside where there is joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.  Joseph Campbell

Automobile racing, bullfighting and mountaineering are the only true sports , everything is a mere game.  Ernest Hemingway

​" Routes 1 through 21 "

All routes that say project* have been climbed on top rope and the grade a good guess, just waiting to be bolted. If routes says project, it has not been climbed. All routes have anchors unless stated otherwise.

You must do the things you think you cannot do.  Eleanor Roosevelt

The only journey is the one within.  Rainer Maria Rilke

This area is located about a five minute walk north along cliff line from Dark Matter Wall.

What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?  Robert H. Schuller

20. Bye Bi Barbie 5.11b

19.   Friends of Ken 5.11+

Climb through a series of small roofs and an arete, to two larger and more difficult roofs.    4 bolts  FA  Heath Dieckert

16. Safari Barbie  5.10b

Climb up a stiff bouldery start that leads to a big roof, staying under the roof , heel hooking and clipping bolts as you go ,at last bolt pull over to climb to anchors. 5 bolts

12. Worm Hole  5.11

Start on two pockets and crimp past a few moves to great pockets , sidepulls and flakes , finishing on overhanging rock. ( Don't forget heel hooking )  5 bolts  FA Jerry Barnett            "THE BEST ROUTE AT FERN"     Even if you don't climb 5.11 put a top rope on it and give it a try !!!!!!!!!

Small holds and pockets lead to crimps and side pulls , then through large flakes and finishing on overhanging section.  5 bolts

Scramble up on a boulder to the base of this climb, follow a large flake to the top. Only wish this climb was longer.  2 bolts  FA Jerry Barnett

​This wall is located 30 yards south of  the route Flash Gordon.

Less than vertical climbing leads to a large roof up top. 4 bolts  FA Scott Rohde

Climb up a small slab and arete to a large roof, reach over and pull through to the anchors.   FA  Jerry Barnett                                       This a strange and bizzare climb , nothing like it at Fern , but so worth it!

18.  Burly Girl  5.10d

15.  Dark Matter  5.10

Dark Matter Wall

Cowboy Wall

​East facing

21.  The Price is Right  5.7  natural route.

​​This climb is located a few hundred yards south, down stream from the Barbie Wall 

​17. Smooth as a Ken Doll 5.10c

Start on a small ledge and pull through deceptively small holds to a blind throw.              2 bolts  Clip anchors  by grabbing chains. FA  Jerry Barnett