Respect for the area as well as for other people.  Whatever you pack in, pack out.  Don't leave trash, cigarette butts, athletic tape, or power bar wrappers.  Don't leave cans or glass bottles in the fire rings, they won't melt!  PICK UP YOUR TRASH AND TAKE IT WITH YOU!

This is a safe, family friendly, climbing and hiking area.  Leave the beer at the campsite, why take a chance of broken glass.  And PLEASE keep the cigarettes anywhere but the climbing area, must of us come out here for the fresh air not the smell of your cigarette smoke. 

Music, leave it at the campsite.  Do you think everyone has the same taste in music that you do?  At least turn it off when other people are climbing in the same area.  Most people come out here for the solitude and sounds of nature, not gangster rap, country, or techno.  If you ask people if its ok to listen to your music,  most will say yes, but secretly wanting to say NO.  

Keep your dogs on their leashes.  Nobody wants your dog running up on them, their children, walking on their rope and gear, or walking up on their dog that's on a leash.  I have three dogs and would always keep them on a leash if brought to Fern.  I know people say "My dog never bites", but every dog bites.  It's just a matter of what circumstance will precipitate it. Here's a scenario : I might start bringing my horse to fern , just let it walk around and poop on the trails, walk all over your gear and walk up on you while your belaying ;trying to keep your friend protected , just going where ever , sounds  pretty ridiculous, well so does your dog walking around without a leash. And please try to keep the language civilized keep the cussing to a minimal and the screaming and tantrums as well , you can always come back another day and try and send your project, its not the rocks fault your not strong enough. I look at it this way, the rock has been here for a few thousand years, it will probably be here next week.

Respect for people when camping.  "Rule of thumb - From 9 pm - 7 am, most people want to unwind and sleep, and get ready for the next day of climbing and hiking , instead of listening to your music and loud talking. Respect other peoples quiet time, its a place for everyone.

Stay on marked trails and don't remove rock from trails, people have spent time maintaining and building trails , don't destroy their work. don't cut down trees, there is more than enough fallen trees and branches for firewood.... Another story: we saw a few guys at Fern who for some stupid reason were throwing axes at the trees , I can't imagine why but they were damaging and killing the trees and making a mess as well as its dangerous, plus for some reason they cut down saplings , why? I don't know . but please STOP! 

Don't block the drive lane  area in the parking area, leave it open  so people can drive through the parking area and get back on the road. Don't block the trail head. If there isn't enough space in the parking area then drive back out and park south in a different parking area located 100 yards south from turn off  on main dirt road.

We try and make this place fun and accessible for everyone.  These aren't just my thoughts, but after talking to numerous people this is a consensus with most everyone.  We are trying to appease and respect the masses.  

Have Fun, Be Safe, "Look Down, Climb Up"



Go to bottom of page to see a list of Companies donating to the upcoming event in May.

"The body cannot go where the mind has not traveled"  Bruce Lee

Contact info :

The closest place to pick up supplies and eat is the town of Mulberry on Hwy 215.  Or the intersection of  Hwy 71 and 348, there is a convenience store that offers sandwiches and pizza.  Off exit 20 (Mulberry/Dyer exit) from I-40, there is a truck stop/restaurant that offers pizza, Indian food, as well as home cooked food.  


​This is a list of  companies that donated gear to was raffled off at the event .                     Go to their Facebook page and like them or website and say thanks.                                                                    They are greatly appreciated !

Fern Climbing in Arkansas Rock Climbing And Bouldering In Arkansas

There are a few free and undeveloped campsites located next to the parking area.  If this area is full, there is more camping off the main dirt road, approximately 100 yards, from where you turn into the parking area.  There are no amenities.  

White Rock camping area offers campsites, restrooms, and hot showers.  It is located east on HWY 215 from turn off to main dirt road to climbing area.  

The two most popular ways to reach Fern are as follows:

 From Mulberry, Arkansas Take Mulberry exit 24 off of I-40, following HWY 215 North for approximately 10 miles to the town of Fern.  Coming to a T in the road, turn right, east, staying on HWY 215 in Fern, traveling 0.7 miles to a dirt road on the right.  Turn and follow this road for 1.6 miles.  Then turn right and right again (hairpin turn).  Follow to the parking area, approximately 0.3 miles.

From Mountainburg, Arkansas/ I- 540  / I-49 - Take Mountainburg exit 29 , head east to Mountainburg.  Approximately 2 miles take a right on HWY 71.  Drive 2 miles, turn left on HWY 348 (convenience store on corner).  Drive for 8 1/2 miles, coming to Old Fern Rd, turn right, drive 4.3 miles on dirt road coming to an intersection where Old Fern Rd. ends and turns into HWY 215.  Turn left and go 0.7 miles to a dirt road on the right.  Then turn right and right again (hairpin turn).  Follow to the parking area, approximately 0.3 miles.  

Arkansas' Hidden Gem

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