Heath Dieckert on the first ascent of "Safari Barbie".

Everyone hanging out waiting for the Dyno contest.

Eric "Shazzam" Casazza making first ascent of the tendon tweaking 5.12c "KungFu Grip"

Scott Rohde making the desperate anchor clip and first ascent of  "Smooth as a Ken Doll"

Big Smile for the winner of the Dyno contest, taking home a free pair of Evolve Shoes.

Group hanging out on ODB boulder

Eric "Shazzam" Casazza on the first accent of  " Inner Demons"

Tommy Griffin  working the first ascent of  " Lesbian Stronghold"

​Tommy Griffin  on " Don't Look Down "

​Adam Leathers on Check Point Charlie

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​Tommy Griffin  on " Psych Trippin"

​Judith Brown on "Trail of Fears"

​Jerry Barnett on "Slap Happy"

​Sticking it

Tim Walton on "Good Cop Bad Cop"


Mike Richichi sticking the dyno to win the competition at the Fern Festival.

One of the many beautiful waterfalls at Fern. (Approximately 10 feet tall )

Eric "Shazzam" Casazza sticking one of the cruxes on "Stranger Than Fiction"

Eric "Shazzam" Casazza on the first ascent of "Sholin Monk".

Ben Dillman on "Picking Up Chicks".

Small group at the Reservation Wall.

Clara Choy all smiles for winning the women's dyno contest.

Tommy Griffin  on "Happy but Sad"

​Tommy Griffin  on "Pill Box"

​Aaron Kareus on "Crimpy Timmy"

Jerry Barnett on "Bunker Buster Traverse"

Beautiful  Waterfalls.

​Tommy Griffin  on "Don't Look Down"

Amanda Barnett on  "First Date"

​Adam Leathers on "Blood Born Pathogen"

​Tommy Griffin  setting up for the  dyno on "Flight Risk"

​Jerry Barnett on "Splash Bath"